Jane Gillings

Jane at work

The work in this portfolio is fairly diverse, as I tend to be artistically fickle which I’m told is not a particularly good career philosophy. I want to do everything and there just isn’t enough time. So, there’s painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, working with ready-made and found objects, experimenting. It would be nice to exhibit more, but for the moment, it’s really art for art’s sake (and for my sanity). I need to do this.

My favourite artists are fairly obvious I think. I am a collector. So, Rosalie Gascoigne (who wasn’t ‘discovered’ until she was 57, a happy precedent for all older artists), Lauren Berkowitz, Jasper Johns, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Goldsworthy, Joseph Cornell.

Other favourites who just make me sigh are ones that have a great sense of design, colour and movement. I also love art done by kids or art that looks like it’s been done by a kid. To me this suggests that the artist has not lost that part of them that makes them fearless. I also love conceptual art. Work that has secrets or makes me laugh is inspirational. Artists whom I feel fall into these categories are, Qi Baishi, Margaret Preston, Fernand Leger, Rodin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Morandi, Magritte, Barbara Kruger, Lionel Lindsay, Ethel Spowers, Brett Whiteley, Chagall. I haven’t even started on photographers ...

Here’s a list of arty activities I’ve been involved with over the years:

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